NOW YOU CAN BREED to the stud dog of your choice without traveling to him, and without shipping your bitch no matter where the stud is located.

Now there is FRESH COOLED CANINE SEMEN and it's nothing like anything else you've ever seen before! It is the first, and only container, specifically engineered, designed, and tested for shipping Fresh Cooled Canine Semen.

It is easy to use, and is used with INSEMIN-AID, a special formula that extends the life of semen 48 hours or more, to allow it to be shipped overnight, from the stud dog to you, for the insemination of your bitch at home. The time for shipment of the semen is determined by use of the PreMate ovulation timing test kit. The next time you breed, don't ship the bitch, ship the semen!

Save the cost of travel and save time!

Shipping bitches to stud dogs can be a costly and frustrating process. It can cause stress to the bitch which can affect her reproductive cycle. A missed breeding is one that is lost forever in her reproductive life. The only purpose of breeding is to have puppies! Every precaution should be taken to assure that goal!

Now, you can breed to the stud dog of your choice, no matter where he may be, thanks to our new container, and overnight delivery..

This package has been designed, engineered and tested, specifically for the the purpose of shipping Fresh Cooled Canine Semen.

Obviously, a shipment from Denver to Chicago or Boston to Dallas is not the same in summer, winter, spring, or fall. The outside temperatures vary a great deal, from day to day, and day to night. These seasonal changes during the year affect the shipment differently. A "picnic cooler" type of Styrofoam box does not have the proper amount of insulation required to protect the semen and maintain it at the proper temperature when transported between different climates. Our newly designed container not only has sufficient insulation, but two specifically inside boxes. These boxes help the semen remain at near constant temperature when the shipment moves to or from hot or cold climates.

The specially formulated semen additive, INSEMIN-AID, keeps the semen alive and active.

The entire container is reusable, thus making breeding more affordable

When to ship?
The timing of the semen collection from the stud dog and shipment to the bitch is determined by using the PreMate ovulation timing testing kit. It tells you when to breed.

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