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Date2Mate™ PreMate Ovulation Timing Test Kit

In our documented research. Date2Mate™ PreMate Ovulation Timing Test Kit has achieved 100 conceptions in 107 vaginal A.I. Breedings of fresh, kooled, and frozen semen --a 93% conception rate--and 760 puppies! It is a simple to use test of the amount of progesterone in a blood sample taken from the bitch. The kit provides 10 to 24 tests depending on how many bitches are being tested at the same time

Date2Mate™ PreMate takes the guessing out of breeding. It tells you when to breed. Easy to use. In-house results in 45 minutes. Less than $15 per test. It builds confidence into your breeding program. We supply Fresh Kooled Canine Semen shipping containers, A.I. kits, and INSEMIN-AID semen exptender  to extend the life of the semen when doing artificial inseminations.

To order the Date2Mate™ PreMate product, or for information on our training courses, follow this link to the Date2Mate™ PreMate order form, call , or send a request to our address on the left.