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The Camelot Farms Semen Preservation System™

The Camelot Farms Semen Preservation System™ has proven to have the highest conception rates, the largest average litter sizes, and is used by more veterinarians and professional breeders than any other system of freezing canine semen in the world. More puppies have been produced by this system than all others, and most probably more than all other systems combined, since the first litter of frozen semen puppies was produced more than thirty years ago. In fact, just one veterinary clinic using this system has achieved more inseminations (in the year 2004 they will have done over 10,000), with a 94% conception rate, and an average of 7 pups per litter. They have achieved this record in the last dozen years, and doing 7 or 8 per day, seven days a week, their record will continue to increase each year. These numbers are proven by monthly publication of each breeding insemination, and the resulting whelpings of puppies. At the same time, there are many other veterinarians and professional breeders in this and other countries who may not do as many per day, but have equal conception rates and litter sizes.

These results have made the Camelot Farms Semen Preservation System™ the method of choice for breeders, because the bitch owners know that their bitches have only a few chances to have pups during their reproductive lives, do not want a missed conception, and know that they have the best possible chance to have more puppies by using frozen semen of the Semen Preservation System.

In addition, bitch owners know that they can have semen of their choice stud dog available to them without shipping their bitches by using a licensed local veterinarian or professional breeder who has been trained in the use of the Camelot Farms Semen Preservation System™. This system has changed the way breeders think about breeding their dogs, and has actually reduced the number of breedings necessary to get puppies of higher quality, because it increases breeding efficiency. Breeding only the best quality bitches to the best quality stud dogs produces the best quality puppies. Higher conception rates and larger litter sizes means that lesser quality bitches do not need to be bred to lesser quality stud dogs, saving the breeder money by less stud fees, breeding locally, and having to take care of fewer puppies to get champions. THAT is breeding efficiency, and THAT is what all breeders desire.

The Camelot Farms Semen Preservation System™ has a proven record of improving breeding efficiency, and that is why it has become the method of choice of champion breeders. Natural matings are now the least used method of choice because they produce the lowest conception rates and smallest litter sizes.

The Camelot Farms Semen Preservation System™ of frozen canine semen is much different than other systems, and that is why it has a proven, published record of success. It does not use straws for freezing as are used in equine and bovine animals. Dog semen is very different, and the straw method was tested by Camelot Farms and discarded for several reasons. The fact that dog semen frozen in straws lives only a short time after being thawed is not adequate time to get puppies. When making straws from dog semen it is impossible to know how many sperm are in each straw without thawing all of them, and then it is all wasted. If a straw doesn’t have enough sperm, nor live long enough after being thawed, that straw cannot produce a normal size litter, if one at all. Semen frozen by the Camelot Farms Semen Preservation System™ uses extenders made exclusively by Camelot Farms, which loses less semen when frozen, less when thawed, and lives longer after being thawed so as to be able to live longer when inseminated in the bitch to produce the maximum number of puppies. By freezing semen with a more proven extender in a pelleted form, distributed properly in vials, each vial contains the same number of sperm, and thus each vial can produce a good size litter of puppies. It is as simple as that, and the published statistics prove it.

Of course not all canine registry organizations register matings and/or inseminations, and therefore they are not published. They only register puppies from litters, and do not publish details of each litter registered. Statistics for these organizations not being published means that conception rates cannot be determined, and thus the breeder is at the mercy of an inseminator when it comes to verifying conception rates and litter sizes. As it is known, anyone can say anything when there is no way of proving it to be true. But, there is one canine registration organization who does publish the details of every breeding, and every whelping. Those published details allow anyone to determine the conception rate and litter size of all breedings done, by stud dog, and by inseminator. This is very valuable information for the bitch owner to have when determining which dog to breed to, which inseminator to use, and which method of breeding to use. Due to the published record of breedings over the past many years, most of the best stud dogs are only now available to bitch owners by the use of frozen semen, and the use of the Semen Preservation System is the overwhelming choice. Unlike most registry organizations, this one requires a freezing center and an inseminator to become licensed by them by proving that they can produce puppies. The majority of these licensed freezing centers and inseminators were trained by Camelot Farms, and there has never been a veterinarian nor breeder trained by Camelot Farms that wanted to be licensed, that failed to get that license, because they all produced puppies, and do every month, using the Camelot Farms Semen Preservation System™. In fact, there is rarely a breeding done by a straw method, and that is only when someone wants to chance a breeding of a long deceased dog on which semen was frozen in straws years ago. The fact is that when each breeding and its results are published, everyone can readily see what works best.

We have changed the way breeders think about breeding their dogs by the research we started doing in our laboratory fifteen years ago, and continue today. Breeders have been using our THE FOUR STEPS TO BREEDING SUCCESS system of artificial insemination for many years, and we proved that artificial insemination was the best method of breeding. We proved that by using artificial insemination along with INSEMINAID and the only package specifically developed for sending FRESH KOOLED CANINE SEMEN, breeders could BREED AT HOME to the stud dog of their choice, no matter where he is located, without shipping their bitch, but by shipping his semen to them. Now, we have proven that stud dog semen can be preserved for years, while creating insurance against his possible untimely death, and using it to produce puppies in many locations on the same day, in different parts of the country and the world, by the use of the Camelot Farms Semen Preservation System™.

Probably the most important reason for the success of our systems and products is the fact that we are the only canine breeding research organization who owns the required dogs, male and female, to do research. Before we introduced any product or system, we proved it with our own dogs, whereas other products came (and left) the market because their company had none of their own dogs to do any testing, but instead relied on a few breeders to prove (or disprove) their products for them.

To give credit where it is very much due, the leading - by far - veterinary clinic in the world in the use of frozen semen, referred to above is Symbioun Veterinary Clinic in Abilene Kansas, where Dr. Kent Law and Deon Parsons have done more inseminations of frozen semen - over 10,000 - than all others combined, while attaining a 94% conception rate and an average litter size of 7 puppies, using the Camelot Farms Semen Preservation System™ .

Dr. John Newell of the Belmont Veterinary Hospital, in Belmont, NSW, Australia, and Dr. John Katakasi, of the Two Wells Veterinary Clinic in Adelaide, South Australia, who both use exclusively the Camelot Farms Semen Preservation System™, and achieve similar results in conception rates and litter sizes. Dr. Newell will be the featured Yarborough lecturer at the Canine Sports Medicine Symposium at the North American Veterinary Conference in Orlando, Florida in January 2005, sponsored by Camelot Farms.

To view all veterinarians using the Camelot Farms Semen Preservation System™ in this and other countries, click on the link of the same name located at the bottom of the home page. New veterinarians are being trained and added there each month.

To view information on THE FOUR STEPS TO BREEDING SUCCESS, which also contains the statistics referred to above, click on the link of the same name on the home page.

To view information on FRESH KOOLED CANINE SEMEN, click this link.

As one can readily see, our purpose in creating these systems is not to produce more puppies, and in fact it produces less puppies because of the breeding efficiency our systems provide. But, we are most interested in breeders producing better quality puppies, and because that is the result of using our systems, we take pride in our accomplishments in helping veterinarians and professional breeders to achieve their goals. We’ve come a long way from the old days when artificial insemination, ovulation timing, chilled semen, and frozen semen didn’t work, and when natural matings on the fourteenth day of the bitch’s cycle was the only way to breed. While we proved it all in our laboratory, with our own dogs, over these past years others are finding that our systems are the best way to breed, and achieving their goals. We’ve helped thousands along the way, and we are very proud of their success.

The success of this system makes us reflect back to the beginning in the late 1980’s, when we could have chosen to learn another system then in use, but decided to do research to find a better system. While it would have been easier and less costly to do that, the conception rates and litter sizes were not satisfactory to us, and the claims made could not be verified. Breeders didn’t want to breed any other way than natural, as they knew they would not get pups. Other systems concentrated on freezing for money, and splits of the ejaculate were not done according to what was necessary to get pups, but were done according to how much money could be made by those freezing the semen, regardless of whether or not pups would be conceived. Semen ejaculates were split ten, twenty, and more times because the semen freezer received more money for getting more splits, and thus it is their advantage to do so. Some of this still exists today. We proved that semen can only be split after determining how many living normal sperm (after freezing and thawing them), are available, and then, and only then, the number of splits can be determined. Each split must have enough sperm to produce a normal size litter. We know we made the right decision to research our own system, and so do those who use it. Another reason we decided to research our system was that no organization using another system had their own dogs to do research. How can anyone claim to get conception unless they have done so with their own dogs? How can one teach anyone to freeze semen without their own dogs? How can anyone quality control test each manufactured batch of extender used for frozen and Kooled semen without their own dogs? In our opinion, they can’t, but there are those who have done so. Their conception rates and litter sizes cannot be proven, nor can they match those attained by users of our Camelot Farms Semen Preservation System™.

We have definitely changed the way people think about breeding their dogs. The results prove that to be a fact. From the old days of all natural matings, to the present days when 70% of the pups whelped are from frozen semen, that is a huge change, benefiting everyone. For statistical information and proof, see the printed results shown by clicking on the THE FOUR STEPS TO BREEDING SUCCESS.

See the results for yourself!

INNOCENT EYES whelped 12 puppies at Titsworth Farms. Her previous A.I. Breeding produced 7 puppies   SHEILY WHEELY whelped 8 puppies at Nova Kennels. Her previous natural breeding produced no puppies.