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Our results have proven very successful. During the past year we have achieved a 95% conception rate in 107 breedings using fresh and kooled semen, and an 86% conception rate using frozen semen. All breedings were vaginal artificial inseminations, no costly and risky surgical implants. These include" problem", and "first time" bitches. We also obtained larger than normal litter sizes, and a much better puppy survival rate. This success is totally attributable to the elimination of the most probable causes of a missed conception. We call this system the Four Steps to Breeding Success. Enclosed you will find a copy of our record. You, too, can achieve these same results!

During the past several years, we have done a considerable amount of research improving the skill of canine breeding. We refused to accept "average" conception rates and litter sizes, and determined to find a better way. We established a fully equipped laboratory, and purchased stud dogs and brood bitches for this purpose. We traveled to other countries to learn their methods, and assembled all the information we could find. And, yes, we spent a lot of money finding new techniques. As far as we know, we are the only organization who has the laboratory, equipment, and animals to do this type of research. We are members of the Brazos Valley Kennel Club (American Kennel Club affiliated), The ASPCA, the Brazos Valley Animal Shelter, The National Greyhound Association, Associate Members of the Canadian Kennel Club, The Kennel Club (Great Britain), Canine Control Council (Qld. Australia), are on the semen freezing facility list of the AKC, and are licensed under the NGA frozen semen program, and the NCA (Australia) frozen semen program. We are the only such business having all these affiliations.

Each week we receive many phone calls from breeders and veterinarians. We are providing this information to explain how you can achieve the same success without the tremendous cost that we spent proving this system. In this economy, breeders must maximize their breeding potential. A missed conception is very costly. Your time is too valuable, travel costs are too great, and nobody can afford to lose, forever, a cycle in the life of a good brood bitch, not to mention lost stud fees, and the lost value of the puppies that should have resulted from the mating. Studmasters and studdog owners also benefit by improved customer satisfaction, fewer costly "return" matings, a far better opportunity to prove the stud dog with more successful puppies on the ground, and the improved reputation of the sire as a proven producer.

THE ONLY PURPOSE OF BREEDING IS TO HAVE PUPPIES! How much is a litter of puppies worth to you? How much is an extra pup per litter worth? Perhaps that one will be a Champion. An improvement in conception rate of only twenty percent is worth two extra litters in ten matings, possibly as many as fourteen or more extra pups, at very little extra cost ( and probably less cost when the cost of fewer return matings is figured in ). Now, we are talking real VALUE for maximizing your breeding efficiency. And, all you have to do is follow the Four Steps to Breeding Success. It is a simple method to learn, easy to do, and less costly than a missed conception.

Four Steps to Breeding Success is a VALUE-oriented program, and now we are offering courses to help breeders and veterinarians obtain this knowledge. If you want to maximize your breeding potential, and efficiency, this course is for you. Also covered is the use of Fresh KOOLED Canine Semen. This system has been very successful in producing puppies all over the U.S., and we have even had litters in Hungary, Switzerland, Finland and Hawaii with semen shipped from the U.S. and Canada.

Frozen semen has always shown great potential for the canine breeder. Unfortunately, in the past, with no standards, it has not been very successful. Most breedings had to be done by costly and risky surgical implants because the semen was of such poor quality when thawed, that it was weak and only lived for a few hours. Times have changed with our research and development of the Semen Preservation System. Ordinary vaginal artificial inseminations are all that is required to achieve conception when the semen is processed using this method. We have puppies in many U.S.states, and Australia, and pups of Australian sires here to prove it. The bitches were inseminated by numerous different inseminators. We have taught many breeders and veterinarians this system. Now, you too, can have this knowledge in a course we are offering. Details on this course are also available.

We look forward to your attendance at one or both of these courses. We know you will find the cost very small compared to the many benefits. Our interest in your success goes beyond the course, as we are here to helping any way we can.